By Robert K. Wilcox


10 Aug 2015  Let's see, Democrats:

-  Favor taking guns from law abiding citizens and prosecuting police who fight crime.

- Illegally (it’s against federal law) support sanctuary cities for illegal aliens who crash the border, take American jobs, and receive “free” taxpayer-paid-for services.  

-  Endorse a nuclear deal with Iran, which vows death to America and makes no concessions in return.

- Are outraged by the death of a lion but not for aborting innocents in the womb and selling their tiny organs.


- Are ok with the IRS punishing those who don’t share their political beliefs.

- Want “free” college for students for which taxpayers have to pay.

- Believe Global Warming is scientific fact and not debatable although many scientists disagree.  

- Think 6 million getting “free” or cheap healthcare, which isn’t free or cheap, is better than 30 million losing the healthcare they paid for.  

- Prefer Big Government mandating personal decisions rather than individual citizens making those choices.

- Refuse to acknowledge an enemy, Militant Islam, which murders and tortures and vows to kill Americans.

- Support dictating high minimum wage which eliminates jobs and stifles initiative.

- Preside over all cities I can think of with high crime rates and bankruptcies.

- Have a front-runner with a shady past, a reputation for dishonesty as shown in polls, helped put an innocent in jail for Benghazi, and is under investigation for violating national security laws.