By Robert K. Wilcox:


                      As long as I’ve lived, our country has never been in worst shape. Our embassies are under assault. An ambassador is raped and murdered by an Islamic mob. The ambassador was a man. When I grew up, Americans would not have stood for any American murder – much less one like that. The marines would have gone in and punished. The perpetrators would be cowering. The administration’s pathetic response is apology and condemnation of a movie that free speech allows and nobody has seen.


                      We print money like handbills. In Germany, similar inflation-causing printing led to World War II. Do our leaders not read history? Germany, like in the so-called “Arab Spring,” toppled adjacent regimes – specifically in Austria and Czechoslovakia. In a reversal to today, the Nazi’s attacked Jews. “Kristallnacht,” or the “Night of the Broken Glass,” is still a parallel to the current US embassy assaults. The Nazis beat and robbed the Jews. It was a point from which world events could not turn back. In an ironic parallel, our ally Israel now nervously awaits the outcome. Given the confused and spineless reactions of our administration, can they now count on us?            

                      We very well could be at a similar precipice as that which fostered Kristallnacht. In the last four years of the Obama Administration, the national debt grew larger than it had in the entire two-hundred plus years since our nation’s founding. Astounding. But few in power seem alarmed. The Fed announced a new infusion of deflation-causing money just yesterday – $40 billion a month more! Fed chairman Ben Bernanke says it’s an unbiased attempt to prop up the failing economy. Who believes him? The election is only two months away. It’s an obvious attempt to help Obama, whose economic policies of spending and social program dictates have not worked.            

                      And they never will.

                      Look around the world. The Obama’s policies are those of Cuba, North Korea, the failing European states, and the failed Soviet Union – government buy outs and propups, central planning projects, payoffs to friends with taxpayer money, just as the Soviets used to give out country daches to preferred bosses.  


                      Governments don’t make money. They take the people’s money and spend it; in most cases, squander it. Only unrestricted ideas, spurred by free and unregulated thinking coupled with the true risk of failure or success, brings prosperity. Yet, there is a growing amount of voters in our nation who are guaranteed money because the government simply will give it to them. Most of them are going to back Obama. There’s another large group of voters still snowed (one wonders why) by his smile, prompter rhetoric and deceptive statements. And still another of voters which because of anger at the Right and/or blind belief in the Left are going to support him. Are they enough to give him another term? If they are, we are doomed. He will continue the same failed policies that have brought us to this shameful time – our embassies under siege, our citizens murdered and paraded by mobs, our economy shrinking with every government dictate and regulation soon to morph into a Third World nation like Obama champions.

                      We have no strong opposition leaders. No Patton. No Reagan. They react like scared kids. Tit for tat, never a bold move, never strong and forceful resistance that counts. They fear the press and care most about their own hides. Those few who go against the tide are scorned and hotboxed for their opposition and made aware that if they persist, they’ll be exiled to certain ineffectiveness. A few still defy the leaders but their numbers are not enough. Rome burns and they are relegated to sidelines urging action that is shouted down by their own and the mainstream press, in Obama’s pocket, will not report.            


                      For me, there is only one hope left before chaos. Mitt Romney. I didn’t back him and didn’t want him. But he’s a decent man with strong business and leadership experience. And given the alternative I am now 100 percent in his corner. But he must get tougher. He is not Ronald Reagan, who had the communication skills and charisma to ride Jimmy Carter’s failures into the White House. Mitt doesn’t have those skills or charisma. But he has the truth and Obama’s record. What he has to do now is boldly began showing the public exactly what Obama has done to this country. He can’t mince words. He must show without reservation how Obama’s policies have caused unemployment, how Obamacare cannot possibly work. How do you inject 30 million new people into a health system for free?            

                      He must have the fortitude to talk about Obama’s hidden background; his belief that America was bad and a colonial exploiter when it was not. He must talk about Obama’s associates, the communists and radicals who were his sole teachers and who taught him the ruinous policies he dictates. He can’t be afraid of the press. He must dismiss his establishment handlers’ cautions not to upset the mythical independents. Ronald Reagan wasn’t afraid. He told the truth without mincing words and won in a landslide. Romney must tell – as it seems he’s beginning to – how Obama’s foreign policy of apology, anti-Americanism and appeasement has caused the Middle East to explode – not a stupid movie. Obama’s policies have caused the violence. You do not run from a bully. You hit him in the nose. Every school yard kid knows that. It is the only way to stop a bully and we should have done it a long time ago. Peace through strength was Reagan’s term. Speak softly and carry a big stick was Theodore Roosevelt’s. 

                      Whatever Romney wants to call it is ok. But he must step up now and get tough. If he doesn’t, Obama’s administration will lie, steal and cheat its way to another four years and we’re history.