By Robert K. Wilcox / American Thinker


23 July 2016Hillary’s America, Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, isn’t only about Hillary. It’s mainly about the Democrat Party and the false history Democrats have propagated about it and themselves.  

Democrats, not nasty Republicans, uprooted native Indians, took their land and gave it to white settlers, forcing them on the terrible "trail of tears" that Democrats portray was the fault of Republicans – who, by the way, weren’t even a political party then.

It was the Democrat Party that championed the slave trade and racism prior to the Civil War and forced the forming of the Republican Party which denounced both evils and finally went to war to end them. Most Americans are vaguely aware that the war was over slavery but have no idea of the passion and commitment of Republicans to end it.  Few Americans know it was also about states’ rights, something else the Democrats have buried because they like Washington calling the shots.

After the war, Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan as a terror group to quell black freedom.  It became the military wing of the Democrat Party. “Progressive” leaders like Democrat icon, President Woodrow Wilson, were virulent racists. Democrats served in and championed the Klan through much of the 20th Century. As big city bosses Democrats brought economic racism to urban areas throughout America. It was Republicans who got the Civil Rights Act giving votes to Blacks passed in the 1960s – after nearly a century of trying to do so.

This and more hidden history of the Democrat Party are revealed in Hillary’s America, a superb documentary as riveting as any fictional film. It is very well done. I saw it opening night. I wish I'd brought a note pad and pencil. I'd be better able to describe it. There's so much history that has been buried that is revealed in it. Americans need to see this film. They need to see truth that has been hidden by Democrats. 

It’s not a usual documentary. It’s a stunningly creative and absorbing drama using real footage as much as possible. D’Souza, who criticized Obama in an earlier documentary, got politically prosecuted for unknowingly giving money over legal limits to a candidate he liked. He served six months in jail and used the experience in prison to creatively figure out how the Democrat Party has pulled the wool over so many eyes. Criminals there helped him by explaining their own cons. It’s eye-opening.

Hillary is addressed but only as the final con. This is truth and justice presented in the most entertaining way. Bring the youth who have been so heavily propagandized by Democrats. They’ve not heard this before.Hillary’s America is fitting viewing before casting your vote in November.