By Robert K. Wilcox:


                      Way to go Mitt. They booed you and you didn’t back down. The fact that you showed up was impressive. We yahoo conservatives are punching the sky. Krauthammer, a bone fide, fancy pants intellectual among us, said you showed backbone. “He stuck to his guns,” said the Fox News pundit on Special Report, using a metaphor people like me appreciate.


                      I’m talking about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s performance yesterday at the NAACP convention. That was a tough crowed he faced – Blacks, almost all Democrats, who basically don’t like him. Some hate him. And they love Obama, the first Black president, their champion, who, by the way, declined his invitation to speak – a slap in the face. But they love him anyway. He’s knows he’s got them in his pocket. Why should he attend? He’s got more important things to do, like raising money. Somebody at the convention might ask him about Black unemployment, the worst for any group in the nation - over 14 percent.

            But you showed them, Mitt. You told them straight out. You’re going to do everything in your power to get the economy going including help eradicate Obamacare. Man, that was bead-of-sweat-on-the-brow time. But you stood firm and even slightly smiled that Romney half grin as the boos echoed. And then you said it again. No wobble. No parsing. You stood tall.


                      What you did showed what many of us said you lacked – a spine; the courage, or knowledge, or both, to go after Obama like he’s been going after you. You made us proud. And you did it with dignity, which I think is one of your strong points. No scowl or meanness, just forthright, friendly conviction:  Here I am, sorry if you don’t agree, but it’s what I believe. I want to help everybody - not just blacks, whites, any other ethnic groups that politicians pander too. Obamacare hurts everybody. Outstanding. That took guts. Most may not have liked it but I’ll bet you changed some minds – not a lot, but every vote counts, especially if they are Black votes.

                      Good start. Now I hope you will go to a new phase in your campaign; one that will tell the voters what the real problem with the economy is - Obama and his philosophy.  He’s a socialist, or worst; a not-so-smart dictator who believes a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington can run our lives better than we can. He doesn’t like America and believes it should be punished for its past domestic and foreign sins. I guess he sees himself as a modern Robin Hood, taking from the rich to help the poor. I doubt he knows that was fiction. I know he has no conception of how wealth is made.  Sure you can win the lottery. But a lot of wealth is made by the wealthy, who take chances on their ideas. When they win, which isn’t guaranteed, they usually expand which means jobs for the poor, some of whom can start the process over and get wealthy themselves. But Obama wants to tax the wealthy right out of the country.

                      And that’s just part of the problem. But these are simple things, really. And they need to be said to the American people so they’ll understand what he’s doing. Economically, he’s taking our wealth and jobs away. In foreign policy, he’s pandering to our enemies. They know it and are taking advantage. We could get hurt bad.


                      So go out there and do what you did yesterday. Tell the people the truth, regardless of the consequences. Get strong - but with dignity. Stand as tall and forceful as you did in front of the NAACP and you are going to win this election. People are going to see in you truth and justice regardless of affiliation – they are looking for that type of leader - and a candidate who sincerely does care about everybody, not just special ethnic groups. You were right on not pandering to Blacks yesterday. And with your philosophy of smaller government, which you also spoke about, we don’t have to worry about Czars, orders to buy, like with Obamacare, and more taxes, and all the other ills Obama is putting on us. Way to go, Mitt. You made this conservative’s day – and I’ll bet you got some of those precious independents too.