By Robert K. Wilcox:


                      I am tired of writing about this. How have we Republicans gotten shackled with the self-serving, unresponsive Washington decision makers we now suffer? Obama is on the ropes and Boehner and his lieutenants want to pass amnesty for illegals?


                      I used to think it was just stupidity and cowardice. I’m now convinced it’s mainly sellout traitorism. GOP leaders are only out for themselves. They don’t care about the people who elected them. Big donors, like those in the Chamber of Commerce, want amnesty for the free labor. They’re the gravy train; the way to keep these leaders in power and money and get jobs after they retire. Constituency be damned.

                      To keep their treachery below the radar they double-talk and triple-talk, the device of conmen and spies. They lie to sound honest and concerned, then plot in secret how they can do what the donors want. Poll after poll shows that most Americans – not only Republicans - don’t want amnesty. They hate Obamacare. They’re fed up with Obama. Even Democrats are fed up with Obama. But the GOP leadership is hell bent to push amnesty and, in moments of forced honesty, attack their own when challenged, like on Obamacare.

                      That’s crazy. But they’re not insane. So why are they doing it?


                      Calculated strategy, that’s why. It can’t be that they are missing the facts so plain for everyone else to see; that they are honestly trying to deal with the problems.  These GOP leaders – Boehner, McConnell, and their lieutenants - are consciously stabbing their constituency in the back. They are Quizzlings – holding down the rank-and-file with lies, deceptions, and apparent monumental screw-ups that always leave the constituency wondering what happened? We had it in the bag? How come our guys didn’t fight back? How come they don’t argue the obvious, standup to ridiculous charges from the Left, use the constitution and congressional power to thwart Democrats and do what is so obvious to all in the hinterland? 

                      When those inside their ranks challenge the treason – for example Ted Cruz, Mike Lee or Rand Paul – they attack them using a Democrat tactic, demonization. They demonize their own! Who does that kind of thing? Snakes eat their own. These GOP leaders are small-thinking, corrupt – and dangerous - fools. They are dangerous because they are presiding over the demise of a great nation; fools because they don’t know the folly they are perpetrating. They only think of their profit. No thought of the long term consequences – loss of jobs and revenues that give them their wealth, enemies flooding the amnestied borders for terror attacks, the demise of the rule of law.


                      The problem is, however, that not enough of the constituency realize this, or care, or are doing anything about it. These Quizzlings are winning by voter ignorance and apathy. They keep their jobs because too many are unaware of what they are doing, or, if the constituents know, they do not protest or use their vote to stop it. The mainstream press, as corrupt as the leaders, keeps the populace ignorant – as does our education system, controlled and corrupted by the Left with political correctness, diversity and other short-sided curriculum. The man on the street, even many Republicans, still thinks these leaders have our best interests at heart.            

                      Most do not.


                      Listen to these leaders as they emerge from their secret meetings and try to justify what no one in the party outside Washington cares about –  like amnesty. Listen as they cry crocodile tears over Obamacare – but do nothing about it. Listen to the nonsense they put forth to justify their self-serving actions. You are listening to the last gasps of a dying party. It is pathetic and intolerable. They’ve had so many chances to reverse the course. It’s now up to the aware constituency to stop it or start a Third Party whose beginnings are in the Tea Party. I’m tired of writing about all this.